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Self Disclosure

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

I saw again in the news a comment on limiting what one says on the Net. It’s a good rule for any social venue. Keep it close to the vest.
Some psychologists speak against this however and in Siddha Yoga they speak of overcoming “inwardness,” which of course is the danger in not revealing much about one’s self.
I have also noted admonitions about an artistic disposition. On Mother Jones’ Live Wire, a discussion board from the ’90’s many resented my newly learned hypertext protocol skills. Their were others whose skills were more advance than mine who posted pictures of cute animals in their comments. I didn’t know how to do that but I did know how to make the text large and in many colors and fonts.
It revealed something about me just as others who were more tight lipped and conservative revealed their personality in getting all upset about it.
For some people social intercourse is a game. They lie, they cheat. What kinds of friends would they be? How would you feel if someone told you he had to lie because he was on the Net and didn’t know who might be listening/reading? Would you understand that? How about lying in the normal course of a relationship? She had to wash her hair, they were going somewhere that weekend. These are people who are just avoiding you.
No person is more tight lipped about his personal life than the paranoid personality and likely to promote the same. Think about that.

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