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Entry for September 05, 2007

Yankees are beating the Mariners. Arod hit 2 home runs in one inning as the Yankees tied the score at 2 in the 7th and then went on to score another 7 runs.

Arod’s first homer tied the game. It had been close all night as Jarrod Washburn was pitching an exceptional game against the Yankees. Arod’s bat had been quiet all night although he has a reputation for hitting Washburn. The homer knocked Washburn out of the game but the Mariners exceptional bullpen faultered loading up the bases and leading to a pinch hitting appearance by Jorge Posada who walked to give the Bombers the lead.

An error by the Mariners’ second basemen allowed Robinson Cano to get on where he was sacrificed to second by Shelley Duncan. Jason Giambi walked as did Wilson Betemit against left handed reliever George Sherrill loading the bases. Mariners’ manager McLaren changed pitchers when it ws announced Jorge Posada would pinch hit for Jose Molina, calling in a right hander to make Posada hit from the left side. Although Posada hits well from both sides of the plate the right hander was a sinker ball pitcher that the Mariners hoped would get Posada to hit into a double play. The pitcher, Shawn Green, walked Posada although the call on balls and strikes was argued. Video replay showed a pretty close pitch was called ball 4. It must have really irked the Mariners because a number of plays during the night were bad calls. A play at second where Derek Jeter missed the tag on Suzuki and another play at first that I didn’t see also on Suzuki.

Joba Chamberlain got the win. He ptiched the 7th Inning. Edwar Ramirez pitched the 8th and Mariano Rivera, in need of work, pitched the 9th.

The final score was 10-2.

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