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Their Divine Grace, the Middle Class.

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I copy and paste here a letter I posted to today regarding the tax cuts issue which has mostly dealt with the unfairness of tax cuts for the rich. No longer considering myself a member of that elite group of people, yes, I mean the middle class, I find some objections to the media’s obsession with them.
Here’s the letter, it was titled, “Gee, the middle class.”

Living with my mom who received a pension from the railroad for herself and her departed husband I accepted the idea that I belonged to the middle class. I didn’t let ideas of class much bother me. I grew up in a New York suburb on Long Island and my folks retired to Florida, albeit dad was from this hick part of Florida to begin with, so it made sense to me that I was a middle class boy. That edits out the drop out from the university, the many years of unemployment, the minor possession busts and the general antipathy toward people like me who wore their hair down to their shoulders and chain smoked.

So, now that momma’s gone and my siblings, 2 70ish step siblings and a Mr. 66, have no intentions of helping me support myself, I reflect on all this shit about the middle class and I say, “Who the fuck is in the middle class?” Actually, tax breaks to the middle class to me are like tax breaks to the rich, I’m suppose to wait for the trickle down. Knowing how greedy Americans really are since they can’t even give a job to a sober 50’s something, hair cut, white boy liberal following a Guru nobody acknowledges as being of any significance, I figure their will be no trickle down and remember that’s from the middle class.

So, I say, fuck the tax cuts entirely!!!

They mean nothing to me. What I need is a GD JOB!!! And I need it quick!!!Thank you!!!
—Eddo1000 Read Eddo1000’s other letters

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Under the Weather

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I’ve been under the weather lately. I have had a bit of the flu. I got the flu shot just about 10 days ago when I had to see the doctor about a change in my medication. I’m now taking Tricor for the triglycerides. At that time I also had a little penile yeast and a urinary infection.

Well, almost time to pay the rent. Got that out today. I had such a time trying to find the check book. Everything’s crazy. Started watching Democracy Now! again. Gee, it’s much more serious than those MSNBC shows. They seem to live on the pzaaz!, you know. Lots of spotlight, kind of showbizzy, though I like a lot of it. I think the shows on LINKTV where Democracy Now! does it show are more educational, more serious.

I’ve also discovered a new series called Explore that’s kind of nice.

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Commercials Political Content and commercials I just don’t like

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Do you notice commercials expressing political content, especially talking about the economy. Look at the one from Best Buy about Christmas cheer. Christmas cheer means savings. I hear it means savings for rich people.
Christmas cheer is savings for rich people. Not wasting our money on cold and hungry Indians in South Dakota, not wasting our money on little brothers that big business won’t hire because he has long hair, doesn’t have a great work history and worships eastern style, om namah shivaya. That’s how a Best Buy saves!!!
“These days you really need to finish college, get your B.A. to get a job.” I’ve heard that enough. I’ve also heard about a lot of people who didn’t even finish high school and became rich.
I resent though, hearing the economy knock in these commercials.One didn’t hear it when Bush was letting the economy go to hell, or should I say, sending it there.
It’s obvious where these big corporations put their money. They side with the big business bitches on CNBC who think Obama isn’t business friendly. They mean Big Business friendly, the only business they really know. You don’t call Best Buy a small business, do you?
Another thing going on is using some of the wonderfully gentle music of the 70’s, like Melanie’s Brand New Key and Cat Stevens’ Wind to advertise an HP printer or some financial service.

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Disabled AGAIN

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Strangely, I’ve been disabled at Facebook again. They say it is over pictures, again. I didn’t upload any new so I wonder if they do a thorough job detecting what offends them.
I got the Facebook enabled again yesterday and wrote a few posts. Today, I was disabled again. It’s a shame they can’t report who reported you. I really don’t appreciate their Disneyland attitude.
I don’t see many kids on Facebook and I don’t talk with any. Soares had a kid. She was a Zeppo lover. I don’t like Zep and I said so. She got really mad, so did Ricky. They could report the things they know FB doesn’t like. They should join an organization called Citizen for Decency on the Internet. It would probably fight terrorism, too.
But you don’t have to be friends to report what you consider offensive material on FB. I’m pretty sure.

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Ellen wanted to know what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Right off the top I came up with “Thankful for D.R. Butler’s lessons, ‘Living in the Truth of the Present Moment.’ ”
I had some problems with my Twitter so I post it here.

It’s so great to know it is all right here in the present moment, that we don’t have to be anybody or do anything, it is right here, now. Be more light hearted, be more cheerful. Last week I ordered form SYDA. Although I have a bunch of DARSHAN magazines I purchased one. The name of it was Love Begets Love. I didn’t know if I had it already. I had problems with the subscription when the magazine was made smaller. I had trouble appreciating it. It wasn’t LOOK or LIFE anymore. It was TV Guide, but now I am able to read it, remembering all the good feelings I got from it when I first subscribed.

I’ve become an omnivore of late, eating sausage and eggs and beef. Got a little sick yesterday. Although I got a flu shot I still think I got a bit of the flu. The shot has obviously helped me as I took some Day Quil last night and I feel better today.

This van takes so much gas. It really is a problem. Most of my use for my car had been just cruising around, relaxing, but I am not wont to cruise so much when I have to fill the tank for over $50. I still have a lot of stuff in the van from moving to my smaller storage compartment at Melrose Mini Storage.

I have been disabled at Facebook, you know. That continues. I just don’t know how many people were even listening to me over there. Maybe nobody. I don’t miss it. I can do everything here that I could do over there, except keep up with newsfeeds. I now keep up with those types of things at Twitter. I follow Swami Satchidananda over there.

The sweet scents of the Holidays are everywhere. They were at least at the Mother Earth Market on 13th Street in Gainesville, yesterday. Sweet scents. I love them.

Happy to hear that Tom Delay was convicted of money laundering in Texas. I wonder if the Supreme Court will confirm this convicition. I’m sure the DeLay money will take it all the way to that Court. A lot of Democratic victories were created out of GOP corruption in 2006 when a lot of the Congress was won back.

I don’t know who is reading this but, welcome, whomever you are.

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Giants lose to Eagles in Philadelphia

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Giants have six games left to put themselves in a position to win a Wild Card or maybe even the NFC East. If Philly could lose a couple that would be helpful. In the other divisions, the Bears and the Saints need to lose a game. The Gints play Green Bay in December. They play the Eagles again and still have 2 games to play against the Redskins. They also have the St. Louis Rams and, next week, the Jacksonville Jaguars. I just don’t know how much energy they have. I would just love to see another running back in the backfield to give them some excitement. I remember Coughlin at Jacksonville traded for Natrone Means late in the season when James Stewart was unable to fulfill the promise he showed at Tennessee University. I remember Stewart. As a Gator fan I was always happy to be able to stop him but since he was on my team I was disappointed he couldn’t gain more yards. It’s a funny thing when a player who was great in college doesn’t do well in the pros. I can’t explain it.
Brandon Jacobs caught a ball down field against the Eagles but he once again dropped one of those short screen passes. I was truly surprised that Jacobs caught the ball down field although Chris Collinsworth thinks Jacobs has good hands and is a good pass receiver. Maybe it’s just balls thrown downfield that he’s capable with. I’ve seen a lot of dropped passes out of the backfield. Bradshaw drops them, too. The screen is actually a weakness for the Giants.
The Giants played so poorly against the Cowboys and the Eagles played so well against the Redskins that I was really surprised the game was as close as it was. I expected the Giants to be blown away just like the Redskins, but the Giants made it close and had the lead until they blew it away late in the 4th Qtr. An offside penalty and a decision to go all out to stop the QB sneak on 4th down that led to a touchdown, did them in in the end. You can add Eli’s unfortunate timidity running. He still doesn’t get the rule about being touched to be called down. They used to damn Gator QB Chris Leak for not giving himself up but when he went down he knew how to slide and he didn’t fumble the ball. For 2 years in a row Eli has given up the ball on a fumble when he decided to run for the yardage. GOD! He gets the yards and goes down. Can’t he let someone hit him or doesn’t he know how to slide? For sure he has taken his share of sacks. He can’t be scared of getting hit. Last time was in East Rutherford. We play the Eagles again in East Rutherford in a few weeks, 4 to be exact.
I was surprised to learn that Vick came into the league in 2001 and Eli in 2004. They make Eli sound like such an old veteran most of the time. No Brett Favre, huh? It’s unfortunate we are without Steve Smith. He really is GREAT and I think we could have won the past 2 games if we had had him around. No one can move exactly like him. I guess no one knows the game that well. When will he be back? I understand in December. That’s next week I think, or is it. Next week the Giants will be playing my AFC Jacksonville Jags in East Rutherford. Sorry, Jags, but I have to root for the Giants.

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Folks and John Lennon

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Visited Gaskins Farm in 1975. They called themselves the Folks. The Folks on the Farm. Naturally the word could be used to mean anybody, just look it up. You do get the idea there is some corollary with folk music.
I think there got to be too much folk music. No rock and roll. Hell, where to get the money to rock and roll, concerts cost $24 in 1972. Everyone had gone natural, back to nature. BTN went out business quick. The media killed it, I think. It was a bit austere in its own right. It’s really still around, though, just check out The Farm dot org’s site itself. Visit products and you may get an idea of what they are into. They are very folksy. They rent a little place true to the original Farm dwellings for $19 a day. They’re in Tennessee you know.
Some people don’t like the Farm’s lifestyle. The vegetarianism, the meditation. Still, they love a John Lennon. The blonde Beatle. I wonder if he had some Swedish blood in him. Of course he was quite skinny, too. That’s important. Makes you holy and certainly John Lennon is holy. No doubt about that and this has nothing to do with his being skinny, Swedish or drug addicted. He was the Beatles. McCartney wasn’t necessary, nor those other two. They should have just gone on John, George and Ringo and done a tour.

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