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Entry for September 13, 2007

Well, I wrote a letter to my beloved high school teacher Ms. LaFontaine. She has moved to Marianna, Florida. I told her about mom. A little late, but I always had trouble reaching her where she used to be. I didn’t have the right zip code. There are a number of them in Gainesville and I got spooky vibes about the phone. I guess because the one of two times I called her I guess she had been napping. Maybe it was only once, but she didn’t seem to want to talk to me. It may have been too late.

Anyway, I finally got my network secure. I don’t know why that is so important because I’m not rich and there is not a lot of important information on my computers. But, you never know and everyone says its very important. Being so important it should be easier for a newbie.

A woman I knew from Siddha Meditation asked me how mom was the other day. I was suspicious of this because I know how they talk over there and it’s hard to believe she didn’t know. So, I told her mom passed away back in January. I think she’s been reading the blog. Also, she may be conscious of ghosts, or more intelligently conscious of mom’s presence in all the things she left behind.

I guess I have mentioned my new computer. I bought a webcam and a case for it. I also bought a battery for the old one. Sort of a waste it seems. I may have to clean that whole drive on that computer, then again, it seems I have gotten so mature in computer usage I can look at the drive and see the programs that I have no use at all for anymore and removing would help me quite a bit. If I could wake it up enough to pass programs to the new machine or to a machine I access, that would be good.

Writing a letter to my teacher who did so much for my writing when I was young, I became aware of all the ups and downs I have gone through with writing. It would be good to associate with some of those who liked my writing so long ago.

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