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Entry for March 27, 2008

Obama says this was a man who was making three sermons a week.

Now Obama says that he joined this church because it is socially active, that it did good things for the community. He describes his conversion to Christianity as a conversion to social service and this church was the vehicle. So, it supports Farrakhan and it has some crazy ideas. I read some more of these besides the ones available in videos of Rev. Wright at a Confederate Yankee.

It says at the top of it because liberalism is a vegetative state. I would like to say because conservatism is rocky.

Like it?

So, social service is a good thing. I’ve heard of it. Siddha Yoga has their PRASAD program that offers eye sight to those affected by cataracts, free cataract surgery in India and my new friend Prem Rawat, formerly Guru Maharaji (but you found out there are quite a few of those in India), has his TPRF, The Prem Rawat Foundation that does a lot of good work.

So what is the good work that the church Mr. Obama belongs to. Do they feed the hungry, clothe the poor, house the homeless? I hope it isn’t just that they get black candidates elected although there can be something to that.

Have you heard about Pastor Meeks. I have a little bit about him at my other blog.

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